We know from our research on Visible Experts℠ that these industry stars positively impact their firms across the board. From establishing market leadership and increasing leads to boosting brand recognition and higher billing rates, their value is clear.

And when professional services buyers are motivated to seek out highly visible expertise, it’s for a number of reasons — in fact, they have an average of 2.4 needs. These needs largely fall in four categories:

  1. Solving a critical problem.
  2. Building the brand and winning new business.
  3. The confidence conferred by an expert.
  4. For a legal proceeding.

But as buyers evaluate these individuals, what convinces them that someone is actually a Visible Expert?

What convinces buyers that someone is a Visible Expert

As discussed in this video, there are two factors that rise above the rest of the pack:

  • They come highly recommended by friends and colleagues.
  • They made a complicated subject seem understandable.

However, purchasers’ perception of expertise doesn’t boil down to any one single factor. An average of 4.1 factors actually convinces these individuals. For those who are trying to build their visibility and expertise in the marketplace, the research points the way forward. Know your audiences’ issues, equip yourself to address them, and understand what they’re looking for when seeking experts out.

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