We embrace continual change

At Hinge, we thrive on change. It’s how we grow year after year. And it’s what gives our clients an edge. While we find magic in all this motion, we’re the first to admit it’s not everyone’s cup of joe. But if shaking things up gives you a thrill, we think you’ll like it here.

Work is a team sport

We take collaboration and support seriously. You’ll work side by side with smart folks in every corner of our organization—from partners and researchers to marketing experts and our design team. And when the going gets tough, someone’s always willing to step up and help.

With a name like Hinge, we have to be flexible

Life happens, so we’ve built our business to accommodate the demands of living. We’re flexible when you need us to be. So if on occasion you prefer to work from your bedroom or the coffee house, we make interacting with the rest of your team easy.

Learn while you earn

Working at Hinge is an education. We’ve developed the training tools, processes and materials to teach new employees the Hinge approach to marketing. But we don’t stop there. We encourage all employees to challenge our thinking and bring their own ideas to the table.

Serious fun

We have big ambitions to grow our firm and revolutionize the professional services marketplace. But we know how to enjoy life along the way. We organize regular celebrations and happy hours where staff can kick back and get to know each other. So while our work is important to us, we try hard to keep the office lively and fun.

Ready to take the plunge?

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