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And take your expertise to the pinnacle of success

Have you always wanted to become a recognized industry leader? Then the Visible Expert® program is for you. While we can’t teach you to be an expert, we can equip you with the exposure to become the go-to authority in your area of expertise. You’ll occupy the high ground—and an enviable level of visibility. You’ll command higher fees and help your firm grow faster.

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No faster way to make a name for yourself

The Visible Expert is a proven program that offers individual experts a clear path to greater visibility and a heightened reputation. Our groundbreaking approach is based on extensive interviews with over 1,000 prominent industry experts and buyers of their services.

What’s in the program?

What's in the program?What's in the program?

Powered by Hinge’s Growth Algorithm™

At the heart of our Visible Expert Program is Hinge’s proprietary Growth Algorithm™. This groundbreaking knowledge engine combines research about you and your clients with proprietary industry data from our ongoing study of over 30,000 firms and buyers of professional services. The results allow us to benchmark your firm against high growth firms and identify opportunities to position your firm in the marketplace.

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Visible Experts in the enterprise

Want to take a team of experts through the program? We built the Visible Expert with the enterprise in mind. We combine online learning, group discussion and live mentoring to provide a perfect balance of instruction, feedback and expert guidance. The program can be scaled for groups of almost any size.

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How it works


Phase 1: Strategy


First, we investigate your clients and your marketplace


Then we conduct a 200-point assessment and see how you stack up against other experts


Next, we define your goals and develop a detailed plan to get you there


Phase 2: Implementation


Hinge will build, configure and install all the tools you need


We teach you everything you need to know to make the program a success


We will run and monitor the program for you until you are ready to take it over


Phase 3: Continuity


When you are ready, we’ll turn the program over to you


We’ll provide all the ongoing reporting, advice and mentoring you need

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Supplemental design and strategy services as your program evolves

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Benefits of Visible Expertise

Here are just a few ways visible expertise can help you and your firm:

  • Attract more and better clients
  • Command higher fees
  • Reach new markets

  • Attract better partners
  • Make recruiting easier

Yes, you can be a Visible Expert!

Becoming a Visible Expert isn’t as hard as it sounds. We teach you everything you need to succeed—from growth strategy to skills development to thought leadership marketing. All it takes is the courage to follow your dreams. We’ll handle the rest.