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We are dedicated to one thing: understanding what drives extraordinary growth

Firms that leverage our insights are generating far more leads and growing faster than average firms:



Discover the science of visibility and growth

We created Hinge Research Institute to bring scientific rigor to professional services marketing—and provide answers to important questions like these:

  • Why do high-growth firms outperform their peers?
  • What factors actually drive referrals?
  • Which marketing techniques work best? And which are a waste of money?
  • How do star experts rise to fame?

We work exclusively with professional services firms

We focus our studies on a few key professional services industries, including AEC, technology, accounting, consulting, marketing and legal.

And we make our findings freely available online so that firms—small and large, young and old—can emulate the most successful firms and learn how to grow.

“Our partnership with Hinge has been long and satisfying. Over the years we’ve collaborated on a book, conducted joint research, produced webinars together and marketed to each other’s audiences. It’s been a major win for both organizations.”

Mike Schultz, President, RAIN Group

We’re looking for research partners

Hinge has a lot to offer organizations and firms that want to learn about their marketplace, demonstrate thought leadership and generate buzz.

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We publish so that others may learn

Over the past decade we’ve studied tens of thousands of firms, experts, executives and buyers of professional services. Nobody else is doing this kind of research. And we make many of our findings freely available to the public.

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