Becoming a Visible Expert®: A Guide for Professional Services Executives

How does an individual become a recognized authority in his or her industry? And how does this sort of exposure build a firm’s brand and attract more business?

Now there are some answers. Becoming a Visible Expert: A Guide for Professional Services Executives is written for any executive who wants to build a reputation around a specific service or issue — a reputation that transcends personal prestige and benefits the entire organization. This guide explains the many benefits becoming a Visible Expert and lays out a clear process for achieving the status of an acknowledged expert.

Best of all, this guide is free! Download a copy today and find out how you can become a Visible Expert.

What’s Inside:

  • Chapter 1: What is a Visible Expert®?
  • Chapter 2: Start With a Visible Expert Assessment
  • Chapter 3: Developing Your Visible Expert Strategy
  • Chapter 4: The Visible Expert and Branding Your Firm
  • Chapter 5: Building Your Toolkit
  • Chapter 6: Implementing Your Plan

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