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The Visible Expert®

Find out how you and your colleagues can become Visible Experts, driving new growth and profits for your firm.

How to create industry stars. And why every professional services firm should care
What does it take to become a well-known expert in your field — someone other practitioners and the media seek out for leadership and insight? We call these stars Visible Experts®. And becoming one is easier than it looks.

What You Will Learn

  • The 5 levels of Visible Experts
  • How these stars earn up to 13X more and help their firms grow faster and be more profitable
  • Why and how clients seek them out
  • A step-by-step program to turn you — and others in your firm — into Visible Experts
  • How you can do it up to 5X faster than most Visible Experts
  • Tips and advice from real-world industry stars

In this research-based book, you will learn how you or your colleagues can become Visible Experts and leverage this status to drive significant new growth and profits for your firm. You will discover which tools and techniques you need to build your reputation and ascend to prominence. And you will hear from real experts from across the professional services who have climbed from obscurity to the peak of their profession — successful experts like Warren Buffet, Seth Godin, Robert Lang, and Sarah Susanka.

The Visible Expert is the essential manual for any individual or firm that is ready to take their expertise to the highest level. Based on interviews with over 130 Visible Experts and 1,028 buyers of their services, this book will take you higher, faster.



What readers say

“To become successful in a celebrity-driven society, you need a guidebook like this. I highly recommend it.”
Al Ries
Author of War in the Boardroom and Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

“What’s the nature of experts’ value? Can you classify experts? How do you find them, grow them? The Visible Expert takes these questions seriously and provides answers that are sure to be useful to any professional services firm.”
Charlie Green
Named a Top 100 Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business Behavior

“This book is a battle-tested field guide for taking your expert status to the next level. Read it, live it, and crush your competition!”
Tim Ash
CEO of SiteTuners, bestselling author of Landing Page Optimization and chair of the Conversion Conference



Table of Contents


Section 1: The Power of the Visible Expert
Chapter 1 What is a Visible Expert?
Chapter 2 The Research
Chapter 3 The Journey
Chapter 4 How Visible Experts Benefit Their Firms
Chapter 5 The Client’s Perspective

Section 2: The Ascent of the Visible Expert
Chapter 6 Introducing the Fast Trackers
Chapter 7 Components of a Visible Expert Brand
Chapter 8 The Visibility Toolkit
Chapter 9 The Visible Expert Program
Chapter 10 Final Considerations

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