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Whether you market directly to government agencies or work through primes, most government contractors face similar challenges: complex RFP requirements, fierce competition, talent shortages and thin margins. Those who can navigate the system, however, are often rewarded with lucrative long-term contracts — and more stability than many corporate-facing businesses. Hinge can help you build the relationships you need to generate critical visibility, demonstrate your expertise and win more contracts.

Attract the talented employees you need

More than almost any other professional service business, government contracting firms must be able to scale up quickly when they win a new contract. At Hinge, we can deploy a variety of strategies to build your firm’s visibility with prospective employees and contract professionals.
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Built on a rich body of research into the fastest growing firms

We’ve spent the last decade researching the marketing habits of government contractors around the nation, as well as buyers of their services. In fact, we’ve investigated 650 govcon firms — including what the fastest-growing, most profitable firms do differently. And now we’re bringing these advanced insights to our clients.

Put a dream marketing team on your team

When you hire Hinge, you acquire a deep bench of skills — research, analysis, strategy, marketing, design, web and app development, writing, video, training and more! Get everything you need to design, launch and manage a modern marketing program in one place!

How we help our clients

Marketing strategy, Visible Firm, website

Advertising, collateral design, web design

Branding, website

Research, branding, website, video, collateral design

Research, website, video, collateral design

We know government contracting

We’ve worked with government contractors of all stripes.

Government Contracting client logos
Government Contracting client logos

4 turnkey programs to help you grow

The Visible Firm®


Drive more referrals, leads, revenues and profits

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The Visible Expert®


Become a star in your industry

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Command your market’s attention

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High Performance Website


Make your website a growth engine

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Á la carte services to fill any specific need.

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