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Today’s legal marketplace is crowded and confusing to buyers. To address this situation, Hinge equips law firms with elegant brands, powerful messages and heightened visibility. Unlike other marketing firms, we do extensive independent research on the highest performing firms to shape our recommended strategies and tactics.

An evidence-based approach to legal marketing

We’ve built our approach to law firm marketing upon our growing body of research into high growth firms and what they do differently. We’ve interviewed or surveyed over 16,000 owners, practitioners and buyers of professional services—including hundreds of lawyers, legal marketers and buyers of legal services. What we’ve found is that legal marketing is rapidly changing, and the fastest growing firms are doing things differently. We’ll show you what you need to do to compete and thrive.
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Leverage your expertise to build visibility

Our Visible Firm® approach to law firm marketing grew directly out of our research into the most successful firms. We have also developed a parallel program called the Visible Expert®, which is based on the same principles — but designed to help individual practitioners raise their profile in the legal market and become thought leaders.

Do you need branding or marketing?

Whether you are looking for a differentiating new brand, a comprehensive marketing strategy or help with a few marketing tasks, Hinge delivers the most advanced approach available anywhere.

How we help our clients

Logo refinement, website


Positioning, branding, collateral design

We work with firms that like to grow

We’ve worked with law firms of every stripe, from startups to regional powerhouses.

Legal client logos
Legal client logos
Legal client logos

4 turnkey programs to help you grow

The Visible Firm®


Drive more referrals, leads, revenues and profits

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The Visible Expert®


Become a star in your industry

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Command your market’s attention

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High Performance Website


Make your website a growth engine

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Á la carte services to fill any specific need.

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Case Story

Nishith Desai Associates

How one of Asia’s most innovative law firms tapped Hinge’s Visible Expert® Enterprise program to transform their attorneys into thought leaders and powerful drivers of new business.

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