Law firm marketing

Today’s legal marketplace is crowded and confusing. Hinge helps law firms emerge from the competitive tangle with elegant brands and elevated visibility. And unlike other marketing firms, we do independent research on the highest performing firms to inform the advice we give.

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We go where the evidence takes us

We’ve built our approach to law firm marketing upon a growing body of research into high growth firms and what they do differently. We’ve interviewed or surveyed over 10,000 owners, practitioners and buyers of professional services—including hundreds of lawyers and legal marketers. What we’ve found is that legal marketing is rapidly changing, and the fastest growing firms are doing things differently. We’ll show you what you need to do to compete and thrive.

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What's your story?

Find out what makes your firm different—then develop the positioning and messages that will communicate your difference with clarity.

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The best defense? Due diligence

How do you truly understand your market? It takes research to find out. At Hinge, we’ll dig deep to understand your audience, competition and clients. And uncover the opportunities that will drive visibility, reputation and growth.

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Digging deep
Bow Tie

Put your best brand forward

In the legal marketplace reputation is everything. Your brand needs to communicate confidence and trust. Just as important, it needs to set you apart. At Hinge, we’ve built a reputation of our own — for crafting visual brands of exceptional sophistication and distinction. Are you ready to raise your profile?

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Why you need a powerful new website

Your website can do a lot more than describe your expertise. It can be a platform for thought leadership—one that generates a steady stream of qualified leads. Hinge uses the latest strategies and technology to position your firm advantageously in today’s critical online marketplace.

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Powerful Website

Marketing with confidence

If you’re looking for a partner with acumen in law firm marketing, Hinge has exceptional credentials, methodology and background. And if you are looking to grow faster, we offer a clear, easy-to-understand path forward.

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