Having great content is imperative to having a successful marketing plan.  Content drives leads and can expand a firm’s reach into untapped markets.

Having a well planned content marketing calendar and developing quality content on a consistent basis is the same and adds depth to your overall marketing efforts. But what will make your content marketing stand out from the crowd? Thoughtful issues and topics. By identifying issues and topics that are relevant to your audiences, you help attract new customers, engage existing ones, and add strength to being a thought leader in your industry.

When you are starting to think about issues and topics, you should view issues as an area of expertise for which you want to become known.  If a reporter is interested in getting a quote on a particular issue, you would want to come to the top of their mind.

Content Marketing Guide For Professional Services Firms

Brainstorm three to four issues that you want to “own”.  Select issues in which you are an expert and know a great deal about off the top of your head.  Write down general issues in which you already are, or could become, a trusted expert.  Consider your existing audience and those who you aspire to reach with your content when determining issues.

Once you have determined your issues, think about how each issue might break down into smaller pieces. Any of these ancillary subjects can become topics — and the themes for everything you write and speak about.

Many topics are evergreen and can be set ahead of time.  Others may be “hot” trends with a short shelf life. No matter what, good topics will address common challenges faced by your target audience.

There is no limit to the number of topics you can include, and as such, you should continue to revisit your list of topics to add and edit them.

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Once you have your list of issues and topics, the list should be turned into actual titles of blog posts, articles, presentations, etc. Those very specific titles are what you will write about.  You should look at which titles would lend themselves best to being articles, blog posts and perhaps more than one kind of title.

Your list of titles should now be developed into a calendar to map out when you want to write each post.  Your content marketing calendar will be a timeline for what day you publish which title, where it will be published and any other important information related to publishing it, like keywords for example.  You may find that understanding other key factors (like other campaign initiatives and seasonality, for example) will help dictate when to publish a particular topic.  Mapping out a content marketing calendar will give you a ready-to-go blueprint.

Now, gather your team and start coming up with great issues and topics!

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