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Your brand is critical to your firm’s long-term success. It attracts notice and shapes perceptions. Hinge’s award-winning branding services will equip you with the sophisticated look and tightly focused message of a market leader.

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Sample work

Lester + Company website

Lester + Company print ad

Jones CPA Group brochure

Jones CPA Group brochure

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Beardsley brochure

Beardsley collateral

Beardsley project sheet

How it works

We develop a firm’s brand in three phases:

Brand Strategy

Phase 1:
Brand Strategy

Behind every great brand is a great plan. At Hinge, we do the due diligence to understand your market, differentiate you from key competitors and position your firm as a leader. Finally, you’ll know what you stand for and see a clear path forward.

Brand Identity

Phase 2:
Brand Identity

Your brand identity creates critical impressions in the marketplace. As part of your rebranding process, we’ll give you what you need to stand apart—from a powerful new logo, color palette, and imagery to a tagline and brand guidelines.

Brand Tools

Phase 3:
Brand Tools

Get the sophisticated brand tools to take your brand strategy confidently into the marketplace. These could include everything from a high-performance website to the online and offline collateral you need to communicate your competitive advantage.

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What's included?

Your suite of branding services will depend on your firm’s specific needs.
Here are some of the elements we will consider:



Brand Identity

Stationery Suite
Corporate Colors
Brand Style Guidelines

Brand Tools

Firm Video
Email Template
Print Ads
PowerPoint Template
Pitch Deck

Why rebrand?

Rebranding is a turning point for many firms. Why? Here are a few good reasons you might want to consider it:

  • Raise your credibility in the marketplace
  • Project a more modern, sophisticated identity
  • Differentiate yourself from a sea of similar firms
  • Align with a change in strategy or services
  • Break out of the middle of the pack and grow