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Consulting firms comes in many flavors, from management consulting to HR to sales training. At Hinge, we’ve studied over 2,800 consulting firms and their buyers to understand exactly what marketing strategies work best and which are a waste of time. We bring these insights to our clients, giving them the very tools and techniques used by the most successful consulting firms.

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Stand tall in a crowded marketplace

Our market research and clients tell us that competition is stiffer than ever. And it’s a battle on two fronts: 1) for clients, and 2) the talented employees it takes to serve them. At the same time, consulting firms were the hottest professional services segment in 2016, growing revenues last year at an 18% clip on average.

To sustain high growth year over year — and present a well-differentiated brand — you need a lot of insight into your marketplace. What do the high performers in your industry do differently? How do you position your firm against competitors with similar services? How can you make your marketing more powerful and efficient? Hinge is the only firm with answers to all these questions.
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We’ve pioneered the science of high growth

We’ve spent the last decade researching high-growth consulting firms. We’ve learned that the firms that grow fastest and are most profitable don’t spend any more than average on marketing. Instead, they do things differently. We’ll share their approach with you—and equip you with the proven marketing strategies, tools and knowledge you need to become a market leader.

We help prospective employees discover — and fall in love with — your firm

Finding and keeping great people is an ongoing challenge. Hinge can help you develop tools and long-term strategies to make your firm more visible to prospective employees and make your firm engaging and appealing once they find you.

How we help our clients

Video, advertising, collateral design, writing. marketing support

Positioning, website, collateral design, social media support

Research, Visible Firm program, branding, website, collateral design, custom photography

A broad spectrum of consulting firms clients

We’ve worked with firms in a wide range of disciplines.

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Consulting client logos

4 turnkey programs to help you grow

The Visible Firm®


Drive more referrals, leads, revenues and profits

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The Visible Expert®


Become a star in your industry

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Command your market’s attention

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High Performance Website


Make your website a growth engine

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Á la carte services to fill any specific need.

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