Competitive research and analysis services

How has your competitive landscape changed?

The professional services marketplace is undergoing continual change. Whether you are feeling the squeeze of larger competitors focused on increasing their market share or energetic new firms bent on challenging the status quo, retaining a competitive advantage has never required more business intelligence and strategy.


What if you had a detailed analysis of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses—and practical recommendations to adjust your strategy and strengthen your competitive advantage?


Hinge’s competitive research and analysis services provide an objective qualitative and quantitative exploration of your firm’s top competitors. In addition, we will recommend specific ways to take advantage of any insights we uncover.

Chances are, Hinge already understands your industry, so we have the deep perspective it takes to extract the most relevant insights from the data. We’ll analyze everything from key SEO performance benchmarks to how your competitors achieve visibility across various media channels. Our team will package this intelligence into a robust report you can use in your strategic planning initiatives.

Gain Insights Into Your Competition

Most professional services firms are aware of less than a third of their competitors.

Most firms have only a partial view of their competitors. Hinge can help you see more clearly so you can act with confidence. (Source: Hinge Research Institute)

What’s included in our competitive research services?

Content Marketing Analysis:

What kind of content marketing strategies are your competitors applying and how effective are they at delivering original thought leadership?

Employer Brand:

How are your competitors attracting top talent? How are they using social media and their website to engage prospective employees?

Positioning and Messaging:

How do your competitors position themselves in the marketplace and what differentiators do they lean on in their key messages?

Public Relations Visibility:

In which media channels are your competitors having success. Where are they speaking and being published? Where are they most visible? Which activities are most effective?

SEO Performance:

How visible are your competitors in search engines, what keywords do they rank for, and how does your firm stack up?

Visual Brand Identity:

How effective are your competitors’ visual brands, and how consistently do they deliver them across their website and other digital channels?

Website Design and Usability:

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ websites, and how does yours compare?

Next Step Recommendations:

As a result of this competitive analysis, what can your firm do now to build a competitive advantage?

Ready to know—and outsmart—your competition?