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With more than a decade of high-growth research and successes behind us, Hinge has developed practical, reliable programs to transform any professional services firm into a high-performing standout. And we’ve built these programs for busy B2B organizations like yours.

In the face of tremendous market challenges, how do you adapt and thrive?

Firms like yours often lack the time, budget, or resources to figure out how to grow in today’s fast-changing marketplace. At the same time, firm visibility and client loyalty are diminishing.

Marketers can struggle to learn and apply different marketing practices as competing duties demand their attention. The problem is widespread: seller-doers are unable to build their personal brands, marketing directors are unable to redesign their firm’s websites, firm partners are unable to agree on marketing priorities and funds. Meanwhile, the industry leaders always seem to find a way forward.

To take your firm to the next level of growth in this challenge-filled environment takes focus, expert guidance, and a lot of support.

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Lee standing with car

Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D.
Managing Partner

Lee oversee's Hinge's day-to-day operations and leads our research team. A recognized innovator in professional services marketing, he writes and speaks frequently on high-growth strategies.

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Liz Harr

Elizabeth Harr
Senior Partner

A life-long entrepreneur, Liz leads Hinge's business development team. You'll see her speaking at conferences around the country, and she writes for a wide variety of industry publications.

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Karl expert

Karl Feldman
Senior Partner

Karl is charge of Hinge's client delivery. A Visible Expert, he speaks at conferences around the country and blogs frequently on growth strategy and other topics that are relevant to the industries we serve.

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