The Visible Firm® Program

How will you get new business in today’s changing marketplace?

Introducing the Visible Firm®

Welcome to the world’s only research-based marketing program for professional services firms. There is no better way to become more visible, grow faster, generate higher profits and attract top talent.

The Visible Firm program gives your business the marketing tools, skills and procedures that the most successful firms use to command the marketplace. In short, you will learn how to market your firm like a leader—in any economy.

“Hinge is truly a trusted advisory team for us. They provide the tools, methods, and training for us to grow our firm in the same way we help our clients develop and launch products.”

Dan Adams

The AIM Institute

Who it's for

Professional services firms of all sizes and areas of focus.

Small firms

Practice areas within larger firms

Large, multi-practice firms


Hinge helped a global management consulting firm achieve 30% percent year-over-year growth.


What you can expect

Ever wonder why some firms outperform their peers, year after year? It’s because they have learned—often through trial and error—what strategies and techniques resonate with their buyers. Drawing on a decade of research into high-growth firms, the Visible Firm turns this wisdom into a powerful, repeatable program any firm can implement. So you can start performing like a market leader.

Most Visible Firm clients see results within weeks.

Here’s how they perform on average:

Their visibility to prospects and new markets grows dramatically

Their perceived expertise

And they develop a healthy stream of new, online leads

“Before we engaged Hinge, we had little visibility around our signature services like Healthytown. The Visible Firm program changed that.”

Daniel Carter


Why it works

Our Ongoing Industry Research Reveals:

  • How buyers of professional services buy
  • How your prospects learn about solutions to their challenges
  • What strategies the most profitable and fastest growing firms use

Our Proprietary Growth Algorithm Delivers:

  • Which tools and techniques will be most effective for your audience
  • How to organize and manage your marketing program
  • How to optimize your limited marketing resources

Our Industry Benchmarks Measure:

  • The strength of your brand
  • How you stack up against others in your industry
  • Your hidden strengths

Powered by Hinge’s Growth Algorithm™

This proprietary knowledge engine accesses the growing body of research we’ve collected on over 45,000 professional services firms and their clients—as well as data on your firm’s business goals, marketing activities and competitors—to construct an optimal marketing model customized for your firm. We then build your new marketing program with these insights baked right in.

“Hinge’s Visible Firm program has transformed the way we go to market. Now we have a system in place that builds our reputation and visibility over time.”

John Dillard

Big Sky Associates

How it works

We lay the foundation of a powerful, research-based marketing program.

  • Research + Benchmarking
  • Marketing Audit + Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy

We build the tools you need to become more visible and promote your expertise.

  • Identity & Collateral
  • Website
  • Infrastructure

We provide the implementation support, training and monitoring to optimize your program

  • Delivery
  • Training
  • Support


Hinge equipped a regional healthcare consulting firm to reach a national audience.


What you get

Every client is different, so the details may vary. But here are just some of the practical, powerful things your program will deliver:

  • Find out what your clients really know about you—and how your firm measures up against the competition
  • Learn how to talk about your firm and tell your story
  • Get a powerful, detailed marketing strategy plan to engage your audience, build visibility and drive more revenue
  • Build the tools you need to deliver high performance
  • Monitor your performance over time
  • Get the training and mentoring your team needs to master the program

Ready to learn more? Speak with one of our experts today.