5 Tips for Making PPC Landing Pages that Drive Conversions

A Pay Per Click, or PPC, campaign is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Follow the 5 tips below to ensure your PPC landing page improves campaign performance and increases conversions. Also check out our Online Lead Generation guide where we give an introduction to online lead generation and the best ways to implement a campaign.

1. Clear and Concise Headlines

When someone clicks on a PPC ad and is taken to your PPC landing page, the first thing they see is the headline of the page. Because this is the first level of interaction someone will take on the page, it is critically important. The headline should be concise and let the user know that the action they will take will answer their question or solve their problem. This way you are immediately letting the visitor know they are in the right place, while also enticing them to make a conversion. A strong headline can make the difference between a successful PPC campaign and one that fails. Communicating the right message to the visitor is what will make that difference.

Below is an example of a good headline. I have removed the company name, but notice that it is bolded and communicates a clear value proposition.


2. Keyword Optimization

Ideally, PPC landing pages should be optimized for the keyword searched by the visitor. This will ensure that the landing page is relevant to what the visitor is looking for, boosting the ad quality score. As search engines continue to try to provide the most relevant content to their users, optimizing your landing page copy for the searched keyword will help bring quality visitors to your site who are more likely to take action.

3. Call to Action

Having one clear and prominent call to action will make all the difference in driving conversions. Whether is it filling out a form or making a phone call, these actions should be simple and easily recognizable by the visitor. Make the call to action large on the page so that it is noticed right away. The call to action should be above the fold, meaning that the visitor should not have to scroll down the page to see it. When using a form, limit the number of fields to as few as possible to collect information from a visitor. Also, be sure that the call to action isn’t going to surprise the visitor. It should be clear from your PPC ad what they are coming to your website to do.

Below is an example of a good call to action. It grabs your attention and clearly indicates what the visitor should do next.


4. Visual Interest – Imagery

Imagery on PPC landing pages is something that can be easily overlooked, but is incredibly important. The design of the landing page should be pleasing to the eye and entice the visitor to scan the entire page. Using interesting images and styling will encourage the visitor to stay on the page, making them more likely to convert.

5. AB Testing

While all of these tips are very useful in creating landing pages for your PPC campaign, it is always a good idea to test different options to see what works the best. Google Adwords offers the ability to create multiple ads in one campaign where the same ad points to two different landing pages. This gives you the ability to test specific elements of those two pages for effectiveness. It is important to remember to test only one element at a time so that you are certain of your results. Trying out different messaging, images, or layouts will allow you to choose the landing page that gets the most conversions.

If you keep these tips in mind while setting up your PPC campaigns you will ensure that you get the best ROI for your marketing budget. Because PPC can be an expensive tool, it is even more important to make sure you are getting the best results possible. For more ways to get the most leads online, check out our Online Lead Generation guide.

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