Marketing Planning Guide: 3rd Edition - download now!

The Marketing Planning Guide for Professional Services: Third Edition

How do you develop a robust marketing plan that covers all your bases: keeping pace with the marketplace, generating leads, and building your reputation all at once? We explore the answers to this and other questions in a brand new, fully updated edition of our popular Marketing Planning Guide for Professional Services Firms.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to set a budget for your marketing budget
  • The right ratio of offline and online marketing tactics
  • How agile project management is changing the way firms create and update marketing plans
  • How to align your plan with your firm’s long-term business objectives
  • Where research fits in, and how you should do it

What’s Inside:

Phase I: Lay the Ground Work

  • Chapter 1: Four Approaches to Marketing Planning
  • Chapter 2: How Much Should You Spend on Your Marketing Budget?

Phase II: Set Your Marketing Strategy

  • Chapter 3: Start With Business Goals
  • Chapter 4: Research Your Target Audiences
  • Chapter 5: Develop Your Marketing Strategy

Phase III: Build Out Your Marketing Plan and Budget

  • Chapter 6: Select Your Marketing Techniques
  • Chapter 7: Set Specific Goals and Determine How You Will Track Them
  • Chapter 8: Invest in the Tools, Infrastructure and Skills You Will Need
  • Chapter 9: Develop Budgets & Operational Schedules
  • Chapter 10: Making Strategic Marketing Agile


This guide will provide you with essential tools to develop, implement, and track a successful marketing plan.

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