Marketing for professional services isn’t easy. It requires hard work, trust in the expertise shared by both the vendor and the buyer, and collaboration even when the implementation is riddled with obstacles. But strong marketing pays off. As professional services firms increasingly emphasize their own marketing, they’re looking outward for expertise. What should your firm look for when considering marketing services providers?

One approach is to look for firms that will challenge your thinking, counterbalance your risk-aversion, adhere tightly to schedules, and hold your own team accountable – kind of like a fitness coach. Another approach is to look for a firm that is comfortable, less accountable, and more willing to let you slide – more like a grandmother. Which of these approaches will give you the best results?

In this new article, 5 Criteria for Selecting Your Professional Services Marketing Firm, we’ll look at the criteria that should influence your thinking and search process, including:

  1. Does the firm have what I want?
  2. Is the firm transparent across every dimension of the partnership?
  3. Can they demonstrate successes?
  4. Do they recognize that strategies fail without implementation?
  5. Is their culture is pixel-deep?

You don’t have to ask your grandmother to help your firm with your marketing. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of a dedicated, accountable marketing partner who expects the same of you – a fitness trainer committed to helping you carry your brand confidently into the world.

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