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High Growth Study 2022: Executive Summary

The Hinge Research Institute’s seventh edition of the High Growth Study explores how the fastest growing professional services firms have achieved consistent growth and prosperity.

After a year marked by the continued global pandemic, supply chain turmoil, and the “Great Resignation,” many professional services firms are searching for a blueprint to achieve consistent growth and prosperity. 

Now, firms like yours can follow the lead of a group of firms that were able to grow 3X faster and deliver exceptional profits—even in a challenging marketplace.

The Hinge Research Institute’s seventh edition of the High Growth Study uncovers exactly what the fastest growing professional services firms are doing to outcompete their peers. There are key advantages that the High Growth firms share. In this free executive summary, learn how the professional services marketplace is changing and what key advantages high growth firms leverage to generate exceptional revenue and profit. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • The latest growth trends in professional services marketing
  • The top challenges facing professional services firms in 2022
  • Which marketing techniques high-growth firms favor (and which are a waste of time)
  • How high growth firms differ from their slower growing peers

About the Sample:

  • More than 1,150 firms from across the globe
  • Over $216 billion in combined revenue
  • Almost 1.9 million employees
  • 6 core industry groups represented

What’s included in the free Executive Summary?

  • Dozens of illuminating charts and tables
  • Detailed expert analysis breaking down each piece of data
  • Side-by-side industry comparisons
  • Specific advice to help you put this data into practice

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