Infographic by Brian Lemen

Lead generation process image
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Looking for a new lead generation process to boost the growth and profitability of your firm? There is a whole new model that is revolutionizing the way professional services firms find new clients. To understand how it works, check out this latest infographic from our studio.

Trust is still important. But these days it isn’t built on a golf course or through personal referrals.

It’s also being built by engaging potential clients online. Busy executives want answers, and they want them now. They want to be educated on the issues and possible solutions. And they don’t want to waste precious time.

The New Lead Generation Process Defined

The online lead generation process involves building trust one step at a time.

You start with content that interests prospects at various stages of the buying process. How do you know what content? That’s where research on clients and keywords and website analytics come in.

Next, you promote that useful content through a wide variety of channels. It is also an effective way to nurture your existing leads through newsletters, email, webinars and the like.

Finally, you convert them by presenting offers that move prospective buyers up the scale of engagement. Here your AB testing, web analytics and usability testing will help you optimize your lead generation process.

Individually, these techniques can produce a lot of frustration and wasted effort. But used in concert they can provide a lead generation process that drives both faster growth and greater firm profitability.