How to Generate Leads Online: A Case Study

A few weeks back we discussed the 5 Speeds of Digital Lead Generation, a post aimed at describing the different stages a firm goes through when generating leads online. An accompanying Guide is available as a free download.

To further illustrate the 5 speeds, let’s take a look at long-time Hinge client Digital Accomplice.  This San Francisco video production company has taken all the right steps to generate leads online. Here is a peek into how the firm has gradually found sustainable growth.

Speed 1: Build a Website with Lead Generation in Mind

From day one the folks at Digital Accomplice have had one goal in mind: generate leads online.  A flexible website was built around this goal, containing several key elements.

  • Easy Editing – Building the site on WordPress allowed the marketing team to make updates and add content without venturing into the code.
  • Keeping it Fresh with a Blog – Launching the site with a blog allowed the team to start pumping out fresh content when ready. If you read the Hinge blog often, you already know the importance of B2B content marketing.
  • SEO Ready – While SEO wasn’t the top priority at first, we knew it would be a huge factor later in the process. The site was developed using best practices and the necessary flexibility for changing SEO elements.
  •  Areas for Offers – Call to action offers are a key component to generating leads.  So why would you build a site without the space for this? Notice in the image below that we used the right-hand sidebar of sub pages as an offer area.  At first we used these offers to lead visitors to related internal pages. Later however, we used them for important lead conversion offers such as guide downloads.

Result after Speed 1 – Leads did not flow instantly after launching the site. The result of the first phase was a professional looking website with effective messaging and an easy way to contact the firm.   


Speed 2: Begin to Create and Share Content

Shortly after the site launched, business owner Dane Frederiksen began writing and publishing educational blog posts on a weekly basis.  The blog instantly added value to the site and began driving traffic.  Keys to this success included:

  • Useful Content – Posts focused on issues and challenges of prospects.  For instance, one post addressed how to plan for a video project.
  • Keyword-Rich Posts – Nearly all of the posts focused on important phrases. For instance, this post focused on the keyword best corporate videos.
  • Social Media Promotion – Each time a post was published, the team would share it in LinkedIn groups in an attempt to drive new visitors to the site.


Results after Speed 2 – After content creation began, the big difference was the number of eyeballs that were attracted to the site—a critical component to generating leads online.

  • 7,355 page views to the blog within first 6 months.
  • Over 2,473 visits from LinkedIn in the first 6 months.
  • Top Google rankings for several keywords including ‘video production rates’ and ‘how to market a mobile app’.   


Speed 3: Focus on Keywords and Building Authority in Search Engines

After the first 3 months or so we began focusing heavily on SEO.  The Digital Accomplice and Hinge teams collaborated to pinpoint the most effective keywords to target.  Then we optimized!  This process included:

  • Optimizing Meta Information – We included keywords in page titles and meta descriptions throughout the site.
  • Keyword Density in Text – We further optimized by including important keywords throughout headers, text, and links.  If you notice on the Digital Accomplice home page, there is a keyword-rich text area near the footer.
  • Link Building – We put significant efforts into securing inbound links from external websites. This boosted SEO authority.   
  • Tracking – We carefully tracked rankings, traffic, and conversions over time.

We started SEO early on and have not let up since. Results began to appear after 3 – 6 months of SEO focus.    

Results after Speed 3:

  • 382% increase in overall traffic after 6 months. 1211% increase in traffic to date (15 months).
  • 1677% increase in number of keywords delivering traffic after 6 months. 2731% increase in keywords delivering traffic to date (15 months).
  • 400% increase in contact form fills after 6 months. 1100% increase in contact form fills to date (15 months).
  • Top rankings for keywords such as ‘San Francisco Video Production’.


Speed 4: Zero in on Conversion Optimization

It wasn’t until about a year after launch that we started talking about adding new conversion actions to the site.  At this point, we had the traffic we needed—but we had to find a way to capture leads.

After some debate, we concluded that the most effective conversion action would be a download of an educational guide.  Having repurposed selected blog posts and worked on a design, we were ready to release the Video Marketing Guide.  Visitors can now download this guide by entering their contact information.

We then added offers throughout the site, using the all-important sidebars of sub pages.  From there, leads began pouring in. 

Results after Speed 4:

  • 117 downloads within the first month (that’s a whole lot of new email addresses to market to!)



Speed 5: Full Gear – Scale Up and Tweak

Dane and his team are currently focused on ramping things up.  Now that the system is in place they can replicate efforts and look to double and triple the number of leads. Here are a few ways Digital Accomplice is continuing the push to generate leads online:

  • New Keywords – There is an endless pool of keywords on which to focus.  Why stop now?
  • More Blog Posts – The more blog posts this company publishes, the more ammunition they have in social media. And the more pages that are being indexed in search engines.
  • More Guides – Each guide that the company creates will become an opportunity for a visitor to convert into an early-stage lead.
  • Webinars – Dane has begun giving joint webinars with other marketing companies in order to nurture his early stage leads. 


Results after Speed 5:

Generating leads online doesn’t happen overnight.  Over a year after launch, Digital Accomplice is now starting to see true consistency.  Now, with efforts to scale up, the firm expects more traffic, more leads, and more brand visibility. 

To learn more about lead generation online, be sure to download our free guide.

Sean McVey

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