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In the last video, in our five-part series about how to develop thought leadership insights, Lee Frederiksen discusses the benefits of having good relationships with other experts.

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Hi, I’m Lee Frederiksen and today I want to talk to you about how to develop thought leadership insights. This is our fifth session in a five-part series on what you can do to really develop those insights that help make you recognized as a thought leader.

The first thing we talked about was narrowing your focus. The second thing is doing original research – something that people haven’t done before. The third thing is take a contrarian point of view. Look at things differently. The fourth one was mashing up your expertise – trying to include the perspectives of some other disciplines, some other models in it.

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Now we want to talk about the fifth one which is interacting with other experts. Now on one level you may be surprised because you think well, if other experts aren’t they going to be my competitors for thought leadership? Yes and No. They are in that they will have different thoughts. But there’s a couple of big benefits by having good relationships with other experts.

One of them is that when people turn to that other expert and they say “what about Jane or what about John? What do you think of them?” That expert is going to know you and say “Oh yeah they’ve got some good insights!” So it’s going to help really reinforce the notion that you are in fact a thought leader.

But there is a second important benefit and that is hanging around with other thought leaders is going to keep you at the forefront of you game. It’s going to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening and what’s going to happen next. So by incorporating some of those insights into your own thinking you actually move your thinking forward and move you into the position of being recognized as a thought leader.

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