Xtivia, a technology solutions and services company, is driving approximately 40% of its leads from online sources.  CEO Dennis Robinson heads an ambitious team of marketers that clearly understands the value of digital marketing. 

How is the Xtivia team able to generate so much business from its website? The following lead generation strategies help explain their success.

1. Crack the Adwords Code

There is no shortage of professional services firms that use Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising. But few firms understand how to do it right, monitor results, and generate a proper return on investment. The Xtivia folks spend generously on Adwords every month, and they generate more than enough new business to justify the cost. 

“People clicking on our ads are usually very targeted and qualified. They have a need, are looking for a service, and are ready to act,” explained Robinson.  The firm routinely receives 5 to 10 inbound leads per week from pay-per-click campaigns, some of which result in multimillion-dollar projects. 

2. Monitor Visitor Activity

Robinson and his team regularly evaluate how web visitors are interacting with the website. Using a service called LeadLander, they are alerted when visitors hit certain important pages. For instance, if someone from BlueCross BlueShield lands on a particular case study page, the team is notified and can now pay closer attention to that prospect.

The team also closely follows which keywords visitors are searching on in search engines. To engage visitors, a website's content should closely reflect what visitors are searching for. If it does not, visitors will not find what they are looking for and quickly leave the site. The team tracks keyword quality by analyzing the amount of time visitors spend on the site for each keyword searched. 

3. Never Stop Tweaking

The company’s website is managed in-house with a content management system called Joomla. This platform provides a flexible interface that allows non-technical users to make content changes to the website. This capability is vital to the Xtivia online marketing approach. As the team monitors visitor activity and uncovers valuable insights, they simultaneously tweak the website’s content to be more effective. 

According to Robinson, “Our website is a living, breathing entity. We are constantly trying different things, looking to maximize performance. Earlier today we changed to copy on our About page to emphasize some of our greatest differentiators.”

4. Respond Quickly

All leads come through Robinson first, and he ensures they receive responses within 15 minutes. 

Robinson: “If you think you can wait a day, you’re wrong. If you sit there and wait, they’ve already found a competitor.”

Xtivia employees know to “Stop, Drop, and Dial” when a prospect call or website form fill comes in. By responding to prospects quickly, the firm is setting the tone for the relationship. In addition, they are solving the prospect’s problem before a competitor has a chance. 

5. Educate to Build Trust

The Xtivia blog builds trust and attracts new visitors. Launched about one year ago, the content covers frequently asked questions related to Xtivia services. The different technical teams work together to generate customer questions or hot topics. By writing blog posts that cover a wide variety of technical subjects, Xtivia is gradually building a library of thought leadership. 

As people search for answers in Google to commonly asked technology questions, they may be taken to a useful Xtivia blog post. Creating this content not only drives traffic to the website, it also nurtures prospects and develops relationships. 

To find out more about Xtivia, visit their website or check them out on LinkedIn.