The #1 Reason to Outsource Online Marketing

There are various reasons to outsource online marketing, including:

  • Add expertise that does not exist internally
  • Grow your firm at a faster rate
  • Cut costs through efficiencies


While these reasons are important, there is one that I believe stands out from the rest—Consistency.

As research shows, high-growth lead-generating firms are updating their websites more frequently than average growth firms. They are treating their web presence like a living, breathing entity—not a static online brochure.

In order to generate leads online it is critical to consistently tweak your website to optimize performance.  Firms with lead generating sites are posting fresh content on a weekly, or even daily basis.  They are continually conducting keyword research and implementing new target words and phrases.  They are running campaigns to attract new inbound links and tracking progress along the way. 

So what does this have to do with your decision to outsource online marketing?   If your firm currently uses internal resources to generate online leads then you already know the answer: consistently generating leads and running the rest of your business is taxing work.  In fact, in many cases it is downright impossible to both serve your clients and do all of the work necessary to generate new work. 


Steering Clear of a Vicious Cycle

What tends to happen in professional services firms is a cycle of lead flow.  When business is slow, the internal members of the firm have time to work on lead generation.  As the leads begin to roll in, the firm then prioritizes client work over lead generation.  Because leads are no longer a problem, the firm slows down lead generation activities.  Then, after a month or two of lag, the lead pool is once again dry.  The following scientific graphic will help explain:


This type of graph is highly frustrating for business owners.  Because there are stretches of good months and bad months, financials are hard to predict and true growth takes much longer to accomplish. 

To cure this problem and find a consistency to lead generation, some firms decide to outsource online marketing.  Having a team day in and day out dedicate its time to marketing is highly important, even when leads aren’t slumping.  These specialists can focus on generating content, attracting visitors, and converting them into new business while your team focuses on what you do best.

Looking for more information on outsourced online marketing and lead generation for professional services firms? Download the free guide below.

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