In both our research and our day-to-day experience, we’ve repeatedly seen that when professional services buyers require expertise, they tend to search for professionals who have achieved a high profile and outstanding reputation in their marketplaces. Whether they’re looking to overcome a challenge or pursue a new opportunity, purchasers want to engage a particular type of professional that we call Visible Experts℠.

This demand for expertise can be a tremendous boon for professional service providers with in-house Visible Experts℠. The high profile and credibility delivered by these individuals can truly make a company. But what about the clients who seek and engage providers for the knowledge of their Visible Experts℠? What benefits do they see? How exactly do they go about identifying and verifying expertise in the first place?

We knew from our previous research that expertise was crucial to professional services buyers, so now we wanted to understand exactly how and why purchasers engaged high visibility experts. As a component of a larger, forthcoming study on the Visible Expert℠, we surveyed 1,028 buyers of professional services across industries including accounting and finance, architecture, engineering, and construction, technology, consulting, and law.

We’ve created a brand new SlideShare presentation to explore the highlights of our results.

Key findings include:

  • The needs and motivations that drive buyers to seek out Visible Experts℠
  • The techniques purchasers use to seek out Visible Experts℠ and how many techniques the average buyer uses
  • The factors which really persuade buyers that someone is an expert in their field
  • The top benefits of engaging a Visible Expert℠ as named by buyers

We hope you find the presentation useful — and we love hearing feedback. Enjoy!

To learn more about the results of our new research, download a free copy of our new report, Finding Experts: Why & How Clients Seek Visible Experts℠.

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