How to Define Your Target Audience

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Knowing who to market to within an organization can be a challenge. Should you market to the firm's decision maker – the executive signing the bottom line? Or the person who strongly influences the decision maker? Check out Hinge's Sylvia Montgomery above in a video blog post “How to Define Your Target Audiences” to help you better answer these questions.

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Author: Sylvia Montgomery, CPSM A Senior Partner and the head of Hinge’s A/E/C practice, Sylvia collects many shoes and wears many hats. When she’s not traveling around the country for speaking engagements or client meetings, you will find Sylvia creating marketing and branding strategies for clients, supervising her A/E/C team, developing new business, or working on her personal brand. With a 20+ year career spanning visual communications, strategy, and marketing, and over a decade working in the A/E/C sector, Sylvia brings a creative, business-focused approach to her client engagements.

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