Mastering change: an engineering firm’s growth story

IMEG, an engineering firm with 50 offices worldwide, was growing fast—75% of which came through acquisitions. The firm realized it needed to reign in its sprawling, misaligned brand, define itself to the marketplace, and articulate a more coherent message.

More than meets the eye

When IMEG hired Hinge, they had just completed a visual rebranding with another firm. While they were happy with the result, they realized that their brand challenges ran far deeper than their logo and color palette. They needed a framework to define their place in the market and differentiate their firm. And as they grew in size and stature, they needed a more sophisticated marketing machine to fuel their reputation and propel them into the ranks of the AEC elite.

Identifying the problem

IMEG called their challenges “tactical growing pains.” At Hinge, we suspected they were caused by fundamental problems with their brand structure. So we dug deeper.

We started with research. Hinge conducted 40 interviews with key IMEG clients and teaming partners, and we documented the perspectives of their most recently acquired companies. We learned that the firm’s services no longer fit the firm’s traditional narrative. With multiple firms, cultures and service offerings coming together, their company had evolved. And it was time for their brand to bring order to the chaos and define the new IMEG.

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Local knowledge. Wide expertise.

Like many fast-growing firms, IMEG struggled to describe itself in a way that would resonate with potential buyers of their services. As we analyzed the research, however, some themes emerged. For instance, they had a history of acquiring companies with strong local roots, and they worked hard to maintain those community relationships—while building ever broader expertise and a national reputation. A compelling story began to take shape:

“IMEG delivers that rare combination—the broad expertise of a national leader and the personal relationships and deep knowledge of a local firm.”

At last, they had a framework to guide their growth strategy—and explain to prospects around the country why they are different from competitors.

“IMEG delivers that rare combination—the broad expertise of a national leader and the personal relationships and deep knowledge of a local firm.”

Toward a more Visible Firm

Finally, we turned to their marketing. Over the course of a year, we rolled out a full Visible Firm program, using IMEG’s expertise to fuel a formidable content marketing plan. Simultaneously, we launched a Visible Expert program to make 14 of their experts more visible in the marketplace, build the firm’s thought leadership position and enhance IMEG’s perceived value. We also redesigned the firm’s website with three goals in mind: 1) to support their new market positioning; 2) to provide an effective platform for delivering content; and 3) to drive more visibility and leads.

Expertise amplified

Today, IMEG’s experts are producing a steady stream of high-value educational content, including blog posts, executive guides, webinars and public speaking. These experts’ ratings across a wide variety of skills have increased markedly, and they have cultivated the confidence and habits to think more strategically and deliver high-quality content on an ongoing basis.

In less than two years, the firm’s website Domain Authority has increased from 28 to 38, overtaking two key competitors, and their SEO performance has grown 25%. Webinar attendance has tripled and the firm’s visibility on social media has risen dramatically.

What we did

Visible Firm Program

  • Brand Research & Benchmarking
  • Positioning
  • Messaging Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Speaking Engagement Outreach
  • Sponsorship Opportunity Outreach
  • Pardot Setup & Training

Visible Expert Enterprise Program

  • Skills Assessment of 14 Participants
  • Strategy Training
  • Skills Training
  • Monthly Virtual Meetings
  • Progress Tracking & Reporting

High Performance Website

  • Online Strategy
  • Design
  • Website Development
  • Offer Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance Tracking & Reporting

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