The Brand Building Guide for Professional Services Firms

Your brand is arguably your firm’s most valuable asset, as it comprises both your reputation and your visibility in the marketplace. However, few professional services firms are run by executives with a marketing background, and branding considerations are not on the top of their minds.

A strong brand attracts desirable new clients, great employees and premium rates. Inside this guide you will discover strategies, tips and tools to strengthen your brand and improve your firm’s reputation and increase your visibility among your target audiences.

What’s Inside:

Chapter 1: What Is Your Brand?
Chapter 2: What Makes a Brand Successful
Chapter 3: The Psychology of Brand Strength
Chapter 4: How the Digital Revolution Changes Brand Building
Chapter 5: The Top 5 Brand Building Strategies
Chapter 6: Using the Strategic Marketing Process to Build Your Brand
Chapter 7: The Top 10 Branding Tools
Chapter 8: Top Brand Building Blunders to Avoid

What You’ll Learn:

  • What it takes to create a successful brand
  • How to build your brand online and offline
  • How to develop a successful brand building strategy
  • Which tools have the most impact on your brand
  • How to implement your brand building strategy

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