LinkedIn Company Pages are growing in relevance every day as more people start using the platform for both B2B and B2C purposes. They’ve already surpassed the 400 million mark, and each new member allows you better chances to:

  • Showcase your services
  • Build your brand
  • Recruit new talent
  • Engage with your audiences

So how can you use your company’s page on LinkedIn to see real success?

What Your Audience Needs is Solutions

download-LI-GuideLinkedIn is unique in that most users do not want to be entertained on it. They have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, and on and on for that already. What people are really looking for on LinkedIn is solutions to their problems. Content that you can share with your audiences that will help you meet their needs include:

  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Blog posts
  • Videos

Content that is more substantial and goes into greater depth, is more appropriate for LinkedIn. You may score a few shares every now and then with a well-timed meme photo, but sustainable interest grows from serious content.

Looking in my own feed on LinkedIn, here’s a perfect share from Ryan Cruz.

Perfect for his audience, and with enough depth in the article to build trust.

Speak With Your audience – Not to It!

When you’re sharing great content you’re going to start getting comments from your audience. These can be questions, concerns, or just a simple ‘thank you!’ If you’re not getting them, be proactive. Run polls. Ask questions in your LinkedIn message content. And always, always respond to everything said on your post.

Besides your own shares, you need to engage in other ways. Be sure to:

  • Make your own comments on other page’s content.
  • Find influencers in your industry and start a dialogue with them.
  • Share content from other users and tag them so they know you find their content relevant and educational.

Download The LinkedIn Guide

Your LinkedIn Company Page is not a space to upload a digital resume for your business. It’s a social network with active users that you need to engage with just like any other social platform.

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Your Follower Numbers Need to Always Climb

You finally met your follower ‘goal’ this month and now you’re all set to sit back and let the leads come in, right? Wrong! That new follower you got yesterday may never log in again. The follower who has been engaging with you regularly for the last fout months may retire. Nothing is forever on social media or LinkedIn.

To keep your follower numbers growing you should:

  • Have calls to action in your LinkedIn messages that encourage sharing.
  • Ask your followers to tag their friends on subjects they may be experts in.
  • Tag your biggest brand followers in your shares and ask them their opinions, for shares, etc.
  • Use your other successful social networks to drive people to your LinkedIn page.

Learning how to get more followers is a key tactic when using LinkedIn for B2B purposes. Utilizing each tactic will make sure that your page never stagnates and that it never has completely uninterested followers ignoring your posts. Keep it simple and direct:

Images and Video Work Everywhere

Everyone has quickly scrolled through their LinkedIn newsfeed, without much intent on reading anything, only to be stopped dead mid-scroll by a killer photo, or to watch a video. This isn’t just about the auto-generated image. You can share humorous, inspiring, and fun pictures on LinkedIn. They can’t be the main focus, but they will work if used sparingly.

For videos, think about creating and sharing videos of your:

  • Events and speaking engagements.
  • Q&A’s with your own in-house experts.
  • Your team explaining concepts around your products and services.
  • Customer testimonials.

Company Culture Sells on a Number of Levels

Social media has opened the doors to, well, the ‘employees only’ section of your business. Showing off your company culture, and the behind the scenes content that is interesting, is reality TV for your LinkedIn Company Page.

What are these interesting pieces of company culture going to be? Try:

  • Taking pictures at company parties.
  • Gather the staff for holiday pictures.
  • Share office traditions.
  • Write about silly office happenings – The Office was a hit for a reason.
  • Share annual reports.
  • Talk about new partnerships with other businesses. Don’t forget to tag them!

Your employees are going to be your biggest asset when it comes to this type of content.

Still need ideas? Why not have an ‘Our Best ____’ post?

The level that firm culture sells at, which you may not think of, is your talent recruitment. Everyone wants to see what the firm they may work for is really like. Give them that content so that you can bring in the best possible talent.

Download The LinkedIn Guide

Use a ‘Follow Us’ Button on Your Website

Visit the LinkedIn Developers page for help building the perfect button to gain more LinkedIn followers from your website. You can use it on every page, or just keep it for your ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ pages.

The basic steps for creating a button on the Developer page are:

  1. Type your company’s name in the appropriate field.
  2. Choose your button style.
  3. Check out the preview to make sure it will fit your website’s look.
  4. Copy the code for the button and paste it to the page you want it on.

If you have basic HTML skills you’ll do fine. With the button in place you now have the chance to capture a new LinkedIn follower with every new visitor to your website.

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