Understanding Employee Advocacy on Social Media

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Conducted by Hinge and Social Media Today

Every year, social media plays a greater role in shaping the way firms are perceived. And increasingly, the lines between personal and business social network are blurring.

In this new study from Hinge and Social Media Today, we describe how the most successful firms are encouraging their employees to share relevant ideas and content with their personal social networks. In many cases, the results have been dramatic.

Interestingly, employee advocacy programs are a win-win proposition — both employers and employees benefit.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The state of employee advocacy today
  • How employee advocacy works
  • How personal social media interactions build trust faster
  • How employee advocacy will affect your business
  • What impact employee advocacy will have on your people
  • The most effective way to motivate employees to participate
  • The potential risks of employee advocacy programs, and how you can mitigate them
  • How to get started and build a successful program

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