For those who know me or my reputation as a thought leader in construction marketing, you are probably surprised by my move. My time at my past firm had run its course after 14 years, and I looked only to Hinge for my next professional home for three reasons: ongoing primary research, proprietary programs, and the team

Ongoing Primary Research

I’ve been a fan of Hinge’s resources for years and regularly cited their research of now 8500+ professional services buyers and sellers, of which includes a large percentage in the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry.

Hinge bases all of their strategies on research of what buyers actually want. They aren’t guessing when it comes to understanding how high-growth firms outperform their competition.

Spiraling Up: How to create a high growth, high value firm

All marketers know that differentiation for their clients is key. And Hinge’s differentiation is anchored on proprietary research that gives them insight that delivers astounding results for clients. For example, I learned from their latest research study that 81.5% of firms receive referrals from sources they have not worked with directly. Word-of-mouth is not limited to just your clients.

Proprietary Programs 

Because of Hinge’s extensive R&D, they have programs developed that capitalize on that research — programs no other firm can touch. They’ve built a program for companies wanting high-growth called The Visible Firm℠. This is a program that I’ve dreamed about providing my clients. The Visible Firm℠ positions companies, including construction companies, as experts in their industry. This is done by strategically growing their visibility within target audiences, resulting in driving top dollar for their services and increasing inbound opportunities.

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Hinge has definitive proof that a balanced mix of offline and online marketing tactics is essential for high-growth firms. You can’t slack on either side and expect top results.

The Visible Firm program can be scaled to a team focused on a market sector or to an individual with The Visible Expert℠ program.

In the past, although I had experience to guide me in which tools to utilize, I didn't have a data-driven foundation for my marketing strategies. There was always guesswork in my recommendations — not so any longer!

The Team

Most importantly for me was finding a place where I could contribute and still expand my expertise. I left behind a team that I thoroughly enjoyed working with for many years, but I was not growing professionally anymore. 

I’m looking forward to collaborating with a research-based, strategy-first team of researchers, marketing strategists, journalists, award-winning designers, seasoned project managers and others, all focused on making firms grow as effectively and efficiently as possible. Now, I am part of a larger team that is very welcoming and highly driven. 

Through the years, Hinge has built a healthy reputation of success by marketing some large and notable construction companies. I look forward to contributing my construction marketing expertise to the AEC team and collaborating with the firms’ other vertical teams (accounting and finance, management consulting, and technology services). 

By being apart of Hinge, we can revolutionize the construction industry, where buyers pay top dollar for expertise, innovation, and value, so great construction companies no longer compete for low-bid.

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How Hinge Can Help

The Visible Firm℠ is the leading marketing program for delivering greater visibility, growth, and profits. This customized program will identify the most practical offline and online marketing tools your firm will need to gain new clients and reach new heights.

Spiraling Up: How to create a high growth, high value firm