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This video explores the 4 main benefits of being involved in professional associations.

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Lee Frederiksen. Today I want to talk a little bit about the value of your professional associations. And by professional associations I’m talking about those associations you belong to because you are an accountant or you are an attorney. Those that are for you personally. Now we don’t often think of those too much as having value, but they actually do have a lot of value.

The first thing is their value for credentialing and continuing education and I think we all know about that. It’s pretty important, pretty basic. You have to have it.

But the second thing, and I think this is an important thing that people sometimes don’t realize is the industry insight you can get. What your competitors are doing, what’s happening with the industry. All of those things can be valuable for your marketing plan and your career planning.

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The third one, of course is talent acquisition. Finding the right people to work with your firm. Great place to do it in professional associations because you can meet people and interact with them on a number of different levels.

The fourth kind of advantage that I think people should really focus on is, demonstrating their specialized expertise. They can do that through a variety of ways that are often possible within professional associations, authoring a special report, presenting something at a conference, writing a paper or a piece of research. All of those things can not only help your association but they also help establish your credentials with other people.

And, of course, the fifth and most important thing for a lot of people is the referrals you get. So if you demonstrate to your peers that you have special expertise, special knowledge, that is a good reason for them to make a referral to you. So, next time your renewal comes up for your professional organizations, stop and ponder all the ways you might benefit by being actively involved in it.

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