Hinge is releasing a comprehensive new guide to social media for professional services firms. Here’s why it’s important to your success.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, professional services marketing was all about networking. How many clients and referral sources can you develop a personal relationship with?

Personal relationships, reputation and referrals are still important. That hasn’t changed.

The Rise of Social Media Marketing

But how you develop them has changed. The rise of social media marketing has developed a whole new set of options for professional services marketers. And these options are bearing fruit for professional services firms from around the globe.

In fact, our recent research on 500 professional services firms shows that firms who have mastered online marketing grow up to 4X faster and are up to 2X more profitable. Social media is an integral part of this success.

You can now network with potential clients, referral sources, or teaming partners from around the world or around town. And because this networking can be asynchronous, you can do it at any time. When is the last time you were networking in your pajamas?

And it’s not just potential clients that are online. The next generation of top talent is very much engaged as well.

Many firms are struggling with this new reality. Is this a threat, where competitors poach your best people and offhand comments present liability risks? Or is it an opportunity to reach new markets and recruit the very best people?

Both are very real possibilities.

Introducing a Social Media Marketing Guide for Professional Services Firms

The true competitive advantage will go to those firms that learn to harness its power while avoiding its risks. That’s what this new guide is designed to do.

The complimentary guide is divided into three sections:

  • Develop Your Social Media Strategy. What are the best uses and smartest approaches? Which platforms should you concentrate on? How should you develop a social media strategy?
  • Implement the Strategy. This section offers practical advice on everything from social media etiquette to automation. Helpful tools such as a social media calendar and workshops are also discussed.
  • Social Media and Your Industry. The real world considerations for implementing social media in specific professional services industries (accounting and financial services, technology, architecture, engineering and construction, and management consulting) are explained. While there are similarities, there are also important differences to consider.

Social media marketing is here to stay. It is becoming an increasingly important tool in the professional services marketer’s toolbox.

While it cannot do everything, it can do many things very well. From researching new markets to lead generation and brand building, the range of uses is formidable.

As its importance in a comprehensive marketing strategy continues to grow, social media marketing is becoming a “must have.”  If you are not there, you can bet that your competitors will be.

To gain or maintain a competitive edge, you must be where your clients and referral sources are. And these days, that increasingly means social media.

Download your free copy of The Social Media Guide for Professional Services today and become part of the conversation.