Mazuma, a UK-based accountancy service company, generates approximately 80% of its business through online sources. While most professional services firms are still trying to figure out how to update their websites, Mazuma is finding new ways to connect with youthful prospects — and perhaps paving the way for the rest of the accounting industry.

How does one go about selling accounting services to younger folks? It’s certainly not through handshakes and sales calls. Recently, I spoke with Lucy Cohen, cofounder of Mazuma, and learned some key concepts driving their success.

If you want to connect with the mobile generation, you need to look good on a mobile phone.

Approximately 38% of Mazuma’s website traffic comes through mobile platforms—iPhones, iPads, Droids, and other mobile devices. Mobile traffic has significantly increased for all websites within the past year, and the percentage of visitors using mobile will only continue to climb.

Lucy and her team quickly realized that creating a mobile-friendly website was a top priority.A better website experience for potential clients equates to more trust, more engagement, and more conversions of visitors into sales.

Figure out how younger prospects want to receive information … then give them what they want.

Most young professionals don’t read direct mail and don’t have the patience for traditional advertising. Yet 70% of Mazuma’s clients are under the age of 40. The Mazuma team has figured out how to engage and connect with the younger crowd.

The firm leverages e-newsletters and other email marketing tactics to establish that connection. Every client receives 36 “Mazuma touches” per year, which includes a mixture of email offers and less formal checkups from company reps. Because Mazuma’s newsletter open rate is more than double the industry average, I think it’s safe to say their approach is on point.

Young people don’t read; they watch. Embrace video.

Have you noticed that written text on websites is starting to disappear? For many people, video is a more efficient way to learn about a product or service. Lucy and the Mazuma team do a great job of meeting the video demand, using short clips on their website to generate credibility.

Their primary company video pieces together testimonial interviews, depicting satisfied clients who tout the efficiency and ease of Mazuma’s unorthodox approach. Having this professionally produced video adds personal credibility to a brand that’s not based on personal relationships. This two-minute production does more to engage potential clients than most accounting firm websites accomplish with thousands of words of text.

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