2020 was simply an unforgettable year. 

A global pandemic put much of the world on pause, a contentious U.S. election heightened marketplace uncertainty, and movements calling for social change dominated the attention of the media and the world. As a result of all this turbulence, most Government Contracting (GovCon) firms took a financial hit to their business (53%). Despite the mayhem, a surprising number of firms were able to persevere and grow, some substantially.

Among these survivors were a group of High Growth GovCon firms—firms who maintained a compound annual growth rate of 20% or greater over a three-year assessment period. Somehow, in the midst of a tumultuous year like no other, nearly 38% of GovCon firms attained High Growth status in 2020. What are they doing differently?

The Hinge Research Institute’s newly published 2021 High Growth Study: Government Contracting Edition studies the marketing and business practices of these High Growth GovCon firms and provides expert analysis on what they are doing and how their practices have adapted to marketplace changes. In this article, we’ll share a few highlights from the full research study.

About the Study

The 2021 High Growth Study showcases industry trends within the larger context of other professional service industries including: Accounting & Financial Services; Architecture, Engineering & Construction; Consulting; Software & Technology; and Law Firms & Legal Services. In the GovCon industry breakout report, 85 government contractors with a combined revenue of over $90 billion and more than 150 thousand employees are analyzed. As shown in Figure 1, these firms represent industries across the professional services.

2021 GovCon Industries

Figure 1: Government Contracting Industry Breakdown

Joe Pope

Additional Resources

Join the High Growth government contracting firms who use research to guide their marketing and business development efforts by purchasing this full research study here.