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Become seen as a credible player in the ever-changing landscape of selling to the federal government. Here are some SEO tips for the Government Contractor.


Hi, I’m Liz Harr, and in today’s post, I’m going to be sharing some ideas around SEO for the government contractor. Now, why focus on government contractors? Well, traditionally this is a type of business model that hasn’t really had to focus too intently on marketing because they have the right contract vehicle or teaming agreement in place. Well, now they really need to think about how to become seen as a credible player in this ever changing landscape of selling to the federal government.

Now, SEO is a particular technique that transcends across lots of different other techniques and that’s why it deserves specific attention today. So the first thing to think about is where do you incorporate keywords and phrases, which is what SEO is really all about. And these are places like your website, each page of your website, the description on your website, the titles, the content on your website, the content…thought leadership type of content that you write. All of these pieces should certainly have well-researched keywords and phrases embedded in them. But here’s one that you might not think about. Think about your LinkedIn profile and go to the title of that. Most professionals don’t even think about optimizing the title of their LinkedIn profile and they simple say CEO of company XYZ. Think about creating a title that talks about your expertise and using a keyword that relates to your expertise. So the next time someone is looking for an expert in that field, your LinkedIn profile could potentially pop up.

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So those are some of the common places where you would embed keywords and key phrases. Let’s talk about some of the criteria you need to think about as you’re researching keywords. There’s really four that I’d like to leave you with today. First and foremost, is your website’s domain authority. This is simply a ranking between zero and a hundred, where zero is the lowest. And it really is a barometer of how competitively you can rank for certain keywords.

Which gets me to the second criteria, what is the competitiveness of a particular keyword? It’s the same scale zero to a hundred, where zero is the lowest. And the idea is to try to think about your ability to use a particular keyword and rank for it with how competitive it is. You don’t always have to have a one to one match but you have to certainly factor that in.

A third criteria is the volume. How often and how much are people using this keyword as a search on a monthly basis. Finally and often overlooked, is what I call user intent. What is the person who uses a particular keyword hoping to find? Make sure that you think about that as you are implementing keywords particularly, on your webpages and your thought leadership.

So I hope this leaves you with some pointers on how to incorporate SEO as you get your firm to that next level and become more visible.

Elizabeth Harr