3 Tips for Revamping Your Case Studies

Are you ashamed of your firm’s case studies? Is that why you bury them deep within your website and hope nobody stumbles across them? This seems to be the case with many companies these days and it doesn’t make sense. 

When a buyer is looking for the right vendor, most would agree that proven experience is a top requirement. When a vendor is pitching to a buyer, much of the meeting is spent summarizing past work and results. But on the web, past experience is often neglected and overridden by news and events, Twitter feeds, and images of people shaking hands.  

If you want to impress prospects, you need to push your work experience to the forefront.  Highlight case studies on your home page and throughout your website.  Let your experience do the talking for you, and maybe – just maybe – you’ll stand out from the competition. If you need help with the overall content strategy, download our comprehensive Content Marketing Guide for free.

Following are three effective methods for revitalizing your dry and uninspiring case studies:

1. Cut Them In Half

Please do not waste peoples’ time with 1,200 words of nothingness. Cut your text in half and cut to the chase. Remember, folks are using the Internet to save time and efficiently find what they are looking for. Skipping some of the details and highlighting your big successes will be much appreciated. 

Bain and Company does a pretty good job of cutting to the chase.  Each story includes a quick blurb on the Opportunity, Approach, Recommendations, and Results.  It’s quick and painless and gets the point across.

Click here to see a Bain and Company case study>>

2. Embrace Infographics

The New York Times, Washington Post, and other major newspapers have been using infograpics forever.  Presenting dense information in a graphical form makes reading enjoyable. 

Let the numbers speak for themselves using graphs, icons, and other easily digestible formats. Visitors will not only be impressed by your results, but also appreciate your creative approach to presentation.

HubSpot, a marketing software company, does a fine job of using easy to digest graphics throughout its website. Whether it’s a service page, a blog post, or a case study, the designers at this company understand how to create an easy-going user experience.

Click here to see a Hubspot Infographic case study>>

3. Get Personal With Video

Like infographics, case study videos have picked up in recent years. Videos are much easier to digest than paragraphs of text and are a sure way to stand out from competitors.

Footage of your clients talking about your firm is extremely powerful.  It’s your chance to create an emotional connection with your audience, something that graphics and numbers cannot easily do.  

Mazuma, a UK-based accounting firm leverages this strategy in a number of client testimonial videos.  The documentary-style friendly tone is fun to watch and easy to relate to.

Perhaps revitalizing your case studies have been on the list of to-dos for a while now.  It’s time to make them a priority.  Find ways to enhance your stories and data presentation, and proudly bring your work into the spotlight today.

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