I just ran across another projection for 2009 spending on information technology. This one comes from Information Week Analytics, the folks that publish Information Week magazine. This study covered 451 business technology professionals. Much like the survey we discussed last week the market is soft but not a disaster area. About one third of the companies plan to decrease spend, one third are planning to keep it steady, and one third are planning to increase spending. I read this as a “normal distribution” of opportunity.

Here's  the golden egg of opportunity in the data: While overall employment is down 6%, a full 84% report no reduction in demand for information technology services at their companies. For the professional services marketer, that spells opportunity. To further bring home the point, almost one in five respondents (18%) report that the economy has increased the priority of at least one project.

What we're seeing is increased pressure to get important projects completed with shrinking internal resources. The obvious conclusion is that there is a need for outside resources. While the current data set focuses on information technology, professional services marketers of all stripes should take note. There is no reason this same logic shouldn't apply to a great many verticals. As companies scurry to reduce permanent headcount, there are corresponding opportunities for consultants, outsourced service providers, and professional practices of all varieties. Let the marketing begin!