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Lee Frederiksen explores some factors that can cause client stress and how to combat it.

Video Transcription

Hi. Today I wanna talk about why your clients are stressed and why you should care. Well the reason they’re stressed is because most clients are, what we call, educated white collar workforce. And that has the highest level of work stress and the highest level of time pressure of just about any kind of occupation you can talk about. So just like you’re feeling that time pressure, and you’re feeling that work stress, that’s the way your clients are feeling.

So what do you do about it?

1. Recognize Time Pressure

Well the first thing you do is you recognize your time pressure in your communication. So don’t communicate if there’s not a good reason to do it, and make sure there’s value, which is the second point.

2. Only Meet to Add Value 

Always add value to your communications. Give before you get, give before you ask.

3. Pleasant Persistence

The third thing is pleasant persistence. Don’t get frustrated when they don’t give back to you, there’s probably a good reason related to their time pressure. But persistence pays off, especially if you’re pleasant about it.

How Hinge can help:

If you wanna dig deeper into this topic go to and look at some of our courses, they’ll help you figure out how to add more value to your communications that your clients will really appreciate and be looking forward to receiving.