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We all want more referrals from our clients. So what’s the disconnect? In this short video blog from Hinge, Lee Frederiksen outlines three reasons why your clients may not be referring you.


Let’s face it, we all want more referrals, right? But sometimes we wished we would get more from our clients. So why aren’t they giving us more referrals? Well, the number one reason is that they haven’t been asked. Now, just a second, you might be confused here. It’s not that you haven’t asked them for a referral, no. What happened is their friends haven’t asked them. You know how people come up to you and you say, “Hey, do you know a good accounting firm? Do you know somebody to help me with my compensation study?” Those kinds of things. So the key here is helping them know when to refer you, helping them understand when you’re a good fit so when your buddies do ask them, they can make the referral. The second reason is that they haven’t had enough experience with you yet. That one is solved by simply letting time pass and doing a good job with them. Because most clients are actually pretty happy with their service providers once they have enough experience and get to know them. The third reason is that they’re not satisfied. That’s only about 3% of the people. We hear an awful lot about focusing on client satisfaction and that is important, but if only 3% of the people who make referrals are unhappy that means that there are other ways to get referrals. If you wanna learn more about getting referrals, always suggest the referral marketing course in Hinge University. You’re gonna learn some of the interesting new data that’s been out, helps you accelerate referrals and keep those you get. Go to We hope to see you there and getting more referrals.