Visible Experts® are thought leaders who have achieved high visibility and a reputation for expertise in their industry niche. And our research showed that these experts receive a number of benefits for themselves, their firms and their clients.

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Our research on thought leaders also revealed that, while these experts follow a similar path to success, there’s a way to become an industry star faster. In fact, these “fast trackers,” as we’ve dubbed them, rise to the top fives times faster than other Visible Experts, they also command higher fees than average.

Average Speed of Ascent—Fast Trackers vs. Visible Experts®

Average Speed of Ascent—Fast Trackers vs. Visible Experts®

Visible Experts on the Fast Track other business-generating rewards:

  • 4.5X more likely to receive speaking inquiries
  • 2X more likely to attract an audience that is already educated
  • 1.4X more likely to attract more inbound leads
  • 1.3X more likely to achieve more partnership opportunities.

So, how do they do it?

You may be interested that Fast Trackers rely on the same tools, activities, and skillsets as Visible Experts who are rising to the top—they just add three more.

Fast Track Tip #1: Focus on a niche. Compared to other Visible Experts, Fast Trackers are more than twice as likely to focus their expertise on a narrow target market, and do so earlier in their careers.

Fast Track Tip #2: Use content marketing effectively. Compared to other Visible Experts, Fast Trackers are

  • 4X more likely to blog and podcast earlier in their careers
  • 2X more likely to create valuable content on a regular basis
  • 1.9X more likely to use content to drive leads

Fast Track Tip #3: Write a Book. Almost 85% of Fast Trackers have written a strategically focused book. Top-level Visible Experts reported that a book becomes a visibility catalyst. A book confers instant credibility. Publication also opens doors to elite speaking engagements, partnerships, and media interviews

Get Yourself on the Fast Track

Remember the adage, “There’s no shortcut to success.” Visible Experts on the Fast Track haven’t discovered a way around hard work, they just showed us a shorter path.

In our SlideShare presentation, Visible Experts®: How to Become Visible, Faster, we discuss how fast trackers outpace their colleagues and the three traits that set them apart.

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