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I have a heartfelt plea to you. Please stop pestering your prospects. In this video blog, Lee Frederiksen discusses the importance of not pestering your prospects and gives you tips on how to get them to listen to what you want to say.



I have a heartfelt plea to you. Please stop pestering your prospects. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s something I’m on the receiving end from a lot of people, a lot of bad marketing, because it gets addressed to me. And I can tell you, some of the things that make people not want to read your marketing, not want to listen to what you have to say.

First and foremost remember, it’s not your prospects’ job to qualify themselves. So, these phone calls, “Hi, we just wanna schedule 10 minutes to talk about your need, and whether you’re a good fit,”. Not so much. I don’t have time to do your job, which is qualifying.

Second point. Give before you get. Give them something of value. Educate them. Give something that helps them understand something about the problem you can help them solve, and I think you’ll find them much more receptive.

The third point is give them a clue. Sometimes I get these things, so many of them, and you just have no idea what the product is, what it’s gonna solve, and why you should even care.

So, if you do these three things — respect their time, give them a clue, and help them understand, give them something that they can respond to and feel good about, I think you’ll find yourself having more success.

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