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Today, social media is a normal part of business development. In this video blog, Lee Frederiksen discusses 5 steps for developing your social media strategy.


Hi. Today I wanna talk to you about developing your social media strategy. Well, why develop a social media strategy? What do you need it for? Well, first of all, social media is no longer experimental. The jury is already in. It’s a normal part of business development. And social media, I’m sorry, is not free. You’re gonna have to invest in it. Invest time, if nothing else. So, you wanna do that appropriately because success is not easy. It’s not an easy to get really good at. You have to work at it, just like you have to work at networking or public speaking. It’s a skill you need to develop, and a strategy does help.

So, there are really five steps. The first one is determine the business purpose of social media. Start with the business reason, not the other way around. Secondly, is do some research on your target audience. If you can’t do it thoroughly, at least look at what social media they’re on and what are they talking about. Then, and only then, do you select this appropriate social media platform because you’re not gonna know what they’re on until you do the research. Your fourth step is developing your specific goals and measures of progress. Where are you now? Where do you wanna get to? Don’t be over-promising and under-delivering. Do it on a systematic way based where you already are. And then, do you develop your implementation tactics? Because those tactics will change over time. If you wanna dig deeper in this, go to Hinge University and look at our courses and you’ll find out more about social media and how to select the right program for you.