How do you market a marketing or communications firm? It’s not a joke or an attempt at irony.

In reality, it’s no easy task. As we all know, marketing professional services is a challenge for firms from many industries. Marketing/communications shares all those challenges with our professional services brothers and sisters.

But we have an added challenge, as well. We’re expected to do it better than the rest.

Well, here comes a little perspective and some solid information on what works for marketing and communications firms.

We have just released a special Marketing/Communications Edition of our groundbreaking study on Online Marketing for Professional Services. It involves a special analysis of the 80 marketing and communications firms in a Hinge Research Institute study of 500 professional services firms.

You’ll learn what is unique about marketing and communications firms and how they compare to other professional services. Here are a few highlights:

  • They capture more leads online than any other professional services industry
  • They have been fighting an uphill battle on growth and profitability
  • They recruit 22% of new hires online
  • They plan to increase online spending by an average of over 39%
  • High growth firms tend to generate 2X more leads online

The study also profiles the use and effectiveness of 15 of the most popular online marketing tools, including SEO, blogging, web analytics, email, and popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

The 46-page special report also contains expert ratings of techniques and a resource section. It is available free of charge and joins a growing list of other industry specific Special Editions: