Email marketing may be the Rodney Dangerfield of professional services marketing. It gets no respect.

This is too bad because email may well be one of the most useful and flexible tools in the entire marketer’s toolkit. It is undoubtedly the most efficient and cost effective way of interacting with current and potential clients. And with the onslaught of marketing automation, it has become increasingly sophisticated and personalized.

It’s clearly time to revisit your email marketing strategy.

That is why we have just released Hinge’s brand new Email Marketing Guide for Professional Services. It’s aimed at helping the busy executive get the most out of this time-tested tool.

Why Email Marketing Still Matters

It’s all too easy to take our old friend email for granted. After all, email has been around forever (at least on the technology timescale). And since everyone uses it, there is no special cache. It is one of those “ho hum” marketing tools.

But don’t count email out just yet.

  • It is one of the few ways to reach potential clients individually. There is no better way to nurture a lead until it matures or present an offer directly to a prospect.
  • It is very flexible and allows you to reach a single prospect or everyone in your database. It can be used to nurture, qualify or close a new sale. Social media is the only contender, but doesn’t come close.
  • It is very cost effective. How about a 127% average return on investment in B2B applications?
  • It is totally trackable. No need to guess if it is working or not. You can test and optimize to your heart’s content.
  • Technology is making it even more powerful. With the proliferation of marketing automation, it is very easy to set up predetermined email sequences that are tailored to prospects’ behavior. Download a whitepaper on IT security and you can receive a predetermined nurturing sequence on that specific topic.

With all these advantages it’s easy to see why a solid email marketing strategy, drawing on best practices, is a must have.

Inside the Guide

The Guide is broken into four chapters. It starts with the basics, such as list development, and moves on to more sophisticated techniques. This allows you to start where you currently are and progress from there.

We use this structure for a simple reason. Because email is such a universal tool for routine communication it is very easy to get lulled into a false sense of familiarity. We think we know all there is to know about using it.

In reality, email marketing can quickly get quite complex and technically challenging. The guide reviews the range of considerations you must deal with when developing your strategy. From legal and regulatory requirements to deliverability issues and advanced analytics, there is a lot to master.

Already an advanced email ninja? Fear not. The guide can easily serve as a tool to show your colleagues how clever you are for embracing email marketing so they will appreciate you all the more.

As with all of our Executive Guides, Email Marketing Guide for Professional Services is available as a free download. Is that not sweet? Get it before your competitors hear about it. Read it and prosper.

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