By Lee W. Frederiksen, Ph.D.; infographic by Brian Lemen & Shikha Savdas

Twitter vs LinkedIn Smackdown Infographic

(Click image to see full-size infographic)


If you liked our first Social Media Smackdown where sumo-sized Facebook took on the B2B fav, LinkedIn, you’re in for another treat.
In this Smackdown, the crowd pleasing LinkedIn goes head to head with the high-flying Champion of Chatter… none other than Twittttteeerrr! Can the hyperactive little bird take out the reigning Barron of Biz Babble? You be the judge.
Twitter has made some amazing headway and is clearly a contender for the attention of busy professionals. And the reigning champ is no slouch when it's “get down to business” time. This could be a close one.
Have fun and don’t forget to share.