Justin Bieber vs. Barack Obama Battle of the Online Brands Infographic

(Click image to see full-size infographic)

Two titans of the digital domain battle for supremacy of their online brands. The leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, takes on his toughest challenge, a teen heartthrob named Bieber. If you can’t find some humor in this matchup, you’re working too hard!

We’ll take the measure of our two contestants and review their backgrounds. Then we’ll follow them around the online world. Sure Bieber owns Canada, but what about Afghanistan or Kenya? And how about Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?  How about Google+? Think you know the answers? Check your online instincts. You may be surprised (or maybe not).

Need a gift idea? These two online giants won’t let you down. Find out who offers the greatest selection or the premium items.

And don’t forget the hair. We’ll take the measure of the man through an analysis of their follicle foibles. Could this be the hidden secret behind the results?

Obama. Bieber. Together, at last!

Have a laugh or a smile and pass it on. Remember, online branding is serious business, but this infographic isn’t.