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In this video blog, Lee Frederiksen will talk to you about how to develop a digital brand, and it’s broken down into two parts. This is the second video in the series where we will cover building out the rest of your strategy.



Today, I want to talk about how to develop a digital brand. Now, we’re going to part two. Last time, we went over part one, and we talked about some of the key things to get you started. Now we want to pick that up in part two.

The first thing to consider is number four is build a consistent brand identity. You want your digital brand to be reflective of your traditional brand. In other words, if you have a certain office look that’s very traditional, consider how you want that reflected in your digital brand.

You’re looking for consistency here. The next thing to do is synchronize your content strategy. In other words, the kinds of things you’re talking about in traditional marketing should be synchronized with the kinds of things you’re talking about digital. Refer to your traditional content in your digital activity and vice versa.

Next, you should develop a branding plan. In other words, lay out how are you going to develop the digital brand. Generally, it starts with the research and making sure you’re consistent with your strategy with that and your synchronization and kind of walk through all the steps.

Give yourself a little bit of time to put the digital assets in place, particularly if you have to change the website. And, finally, as you implement your digital brand, monitor it and adjust the implementation. Are you getting the visibility for your digital brand? Is it reflective of your traditional brand?

Are they in sync? Do you feel good about both of them? If not, that’s the point you want to make adjustments because sometimes the implementation doesn’t go as well as the plan does. Now, if you want to dig deeper and learn how you can create a compelling digital brand, we suggest you go to Hinge University and check out the Visible Firm Course.

I think that’s the best single course to help you develop that digital brand you’ve always dreamed of.