Top Professional Services Marketing Content from March 2014

Each month an enormous amount of content is published on marketing. This monthly column will help you keep up with the best marketing articles on the web. Enjoy!

5 Things Every Managing Partner Must Do to Drive Organic Growth

By: Lee Frederiksen, Hinge Marketing

Growing your business organically can prove to be a challenging, ominous task.  Frequently, many common approaches do not yield the hypothesized results.  For those who are dedicated to organically growing their business, here are five approaches that managing partners should commit to in order to move forward with your growth strategy.

LinkedIn Company Pages Get Facelift with Showcase Pages

By: Becky Livingston, Penheel Marketing

LinkedIn recently announced that it’s retiring the Product and Services tabs on company profile pages, effective April 14th. This can be remedied by creating up to ten showcase pages on your company profile. On each of these showcase pages, companies can feature a product or service. Learn how to create these pages in this blog post from Penheel Marketing.

7 Gamification Elements You Should Apply to Your Corporate Blog

By: Ali Freezman, SEER Interactive

Instead of pointing users in the direction that you want them to go, allow your audience to make their own decisions when reading your blog. Readers then turn into game “players” who want to progress through an aesthetically pleasing, well-designed interface. Fun surprises should be right around the corner that will leave your visitors hungry for more.

Email Marketing Essentials: A Checklist for Writing Emails That Get Opened

By: Brooke Furry, TopRank Online Marketing

Delve into all the minute details that comprise a successful email for your email marketing campaign in this blog post. This guide will provide you with an essential email checklist from subject lines to responsive design.

Digital Marketing: Stop Ignoring Data and Start Learning

By: Allison Banko, MarketingExperiments

In a recent study’s findings, 49% of marketers report “trusting my gut” to guide decisions on where to invest their marketing budgets. You wouldn’t buy a car without checking what’s under the hood, so why would you do the same with your marketing budget?

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