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John Tyreman

Research Manager

John is the quintessential research and numbers guy. On a typical day at Hinge, you’ll find him hunched over the keyboard, gears turning and fingers flying, as he converts raw data into usable, quantifiable information. John’s research is an essential part of Hinge’s work, used to solve client problems, identify trends, and establish industry benchmarks. A natural number cruncher and a dexterous Excel power user, John enjoys the definitive, black-and-white nature of math and numbers.

 Bridging both marketing and research, John’s background is a perfect fit for Hinge. His marketing career began in high school, when he formed his own music promotion and booking service, eventually promoting and managing over 20 events. He continued his marketing education at Radford University, where he studied marketing and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. His accomplishments at Radford included winning first place in a marketing strategy and sales management simulation, and formulating a survey to understand students’ perception of the Radford College of Business and Economics.

John lives in Vienna, VA, where he spends his free time writing and playing music. He loves the challenge of figuring out a new instrument, which he likens to unlocking a puzzle. When he’s not playing music, you’ll find him watching football or cooking up new recipes.

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