Are you maxed out on networking events and asking clients for referrals? Looking for some new approaches to online lead generation and lead nurturing? Well here are 10 ideas to consider (or reconsider) for your new business lead generation campaign.

1. Write something really, really useful.

I’m not talking about a self-serving fluff piece here. Take a problem that your target audience is struggling with and provide some clear, easy-to-understand guidelines for understanding or solving it. Perhaps there is some complex new legislation or a rapidly evolving technology that folks need to understand. Make it very clear and simple and you will be a hero. (See below for ideas on distributing this wonder piece).

2.  Identify individuals who consult with your target audience on higher level issues.

Why higher level issues? Because they are often asked their advice on implementing recommendations. As an individual they don’t have the capabilities to implement themselves, but are in a position to recommend your firm. Once you find them, establish a relationship and gain their respect.

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3. Partner with an association on a special project.

Don’t just attend meetings and trade shows. Come up with a special research study or educational program and partner with an industry association to make it happen. By doing the work, you take the burden off always stretched staffs. If the material is unbiased you position your firm as the expert on the topic and gain visibility and recognition. If you choose your project carefully, it can be a win for everyone and a great source of new leads.

4. Do a research study.

Conduct a research study, then make the results widely available. In addition to lead generation this will help you position your firm as an expert and you might even learn something valuable! This is an approach we have found to be very successful. This works well as the project for idea number 3 above.

5. Offer a free analysis.

Develop a lead generation offer that involves an analysis of an opportunity that your services are well suited to address. For example, how much money could a company save by using your solution? This serves two important functions. First, many potential clients don’t pursue services that might help them because they don’t have time to analyze the front-end B2B analytics to make the case. Second,x this gives you a chance to establish a relationship with a company that you can really provide a benefit to. If you can’t provide value, you won’t continue to chase them.

6. Develop a well researched list of target clients.

Build a highly targeted list of prospective clients, then try to network with them using LinkedIn or other mutual contacts. By having a well researched target list you can be much more efficient. You’ll be surprised how it increases your effectiveness.

7. Try a personalized letter (or express mail package) to break through the clutter.

I’m not talking about a traditional direct mail campaign here. I’m talking about an old fashioned business letter. Seem retro? Exactly! With the rise of e-mail we receive fewer and fewer letters outlining a business proposition. The result it that they get attention. Make sure that the letter is relevant and not just a blind offer of your services. For example, you might point out that you noticed a specific need that their firm had and believe you might have a novel solution that can save them time and money. Focus on your target clients (see number 6).

8. Write a book.

Afraid it’s too hard? Perhaps it’s not as bad as you fear. These days there are a lot of people who can help you with the writing and publishing tasks. A book is perhaps the crown jewel of all credibility builders. Being a published author also make it much easier to garner speaking engagements — which also generate leads. Don’t forget to give the book it’s own website. Consider giving away electronic versions of the book, as well. Here’s an example of how we did it.

9. Shoot a video.

Do a video case study, then e-mail the link to your list. The open rates and click through on video email are usually much higher. Don’t forget to use the word “video” in the subject line. Post the video on You Tube and put it on your site, as well.

10. Turn your website into a lead generator.

Most professional services websites just lie around all day being lazy. It does not need to be that way. By adding valuable content (as described above), adding specific offers and calls to action, and doing some search engine optimization you can generate many more leads. This approach has been a winner for us at Hinge. Last year we got more new business from our website than from any other source. That’s not because other sources of leads decreased. It’s because our website has become so effective. This post tells you how.

Lead generation ideas work together. One reinforces the other. And when it comes to new business lead generation, it’s good to have some shortcuts!

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